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Memories of the area, taken from diaries give us a good picture of what life was like. What are your memories?


Jane Hicks Diary


In the mid 1800s Jane Hicks lived with her husband, Richard, and their children at nearby Hicks Farm. They set up a small dairy farm and sold their butter and eggs in local towns. 

After the birth of their first son, Richard Dale, in 1843, twenty-nine year old Jane began to keep a diary of everyday events. Her notes paint a picture of what life was like in this rural community before Bournemouth existed.

Read more from her diary here or find out more in Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre

Pascoe Marshall


Pascoe was born in Redhill in 1886. He was one of eleven children and recorded his memories of family life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In 1903 he joined his family in establishing Marshall's Tea Room beside the river at Redhill.

Strawberries and cream (in season) and home-produced fresh eggs were their specialities.

Find out more about his business here, or find out more in the Kingfisher Barn Visitor Centre.

What are your memories?

We're keen to find out your childhood memories of the area. We'd love to see any pictures or hear any stories - drop us a line, or pop into the Visitor Centre.

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