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December - February

During this time, you may be mistaken in thinking there won’t be much to see, but you would be wrong (unless it’s extremely wet)!


With the leaves completely gone from the trees, it is a perfect time to learn how to identify them as you can clearly see the bark, shape and buds that help to distinguish them for each other.


In the later hours as dusk falls, listen out for the shrill mating call of the fox or the ‘twit-twoo’ of two tawny owls calling to each other.


Winter visitors such as redwings and fieldfares are often seen on the fields around the river during these months having come from Scandinavia and mainland Europe to feed on fruits and berries.


In late winter we see the first signs that Spring is on its way as snowdrops and bluebells begin to carpet the ground, sometimes creating vast areas of colour.


Finally, the call of nature is heard as hundreds of common frogs and toads begin their journey back to the water where they themselves were born. This begins a mass spawning frenzy that is amazing to witness both in sight and in sound.

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