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June - August


A wide range of wildflowers are in full bloom including oxeye daisy, poppies, yellow-flag iris, cow parsley and foxgloves to name just a few.


Swifts, swallows and house martins dominate the air with their cries as they pluck flies from the skies.


Bees, wasps and hornets hurry from flower to flower collecting nectar and unwittingly carrying pollen to the next.


Butterflies are abundant and so are their caterpillars. You’ll easily spot the large tent-like webs made by peacocks on the nettles. Moth caterpillars are about also, like the very distinguishable cinnabar with its bright orange and black stripes feeding on ragwort.


Along the river and tree lines you’ll find fascinating aerial predators, the dragon and damselflies, zipping back and forth in search of prey.


Whilst soaring above will be the common buzzards with their large flat wings enabling them to ride the thermals high up into the sky. Or maybe the tell-tale hover of a kestrel as it seeks out small mammals and bugs to feast on.

The river, hedgerows and trees will be full of fledgling birds begging their parents for food, so this is a wonderful time to see them before they fly off to find their own territories.

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