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March - May

Daylight slowly begins to increase, setting off a chain reaction in our wildlife.


Blackthorn blossoms, daffodils and crocus begin to appear providing emerging queen bees and wasps with a much-needed nectar source to start the new colonies.


Birds can be heard singing for mates and territories along the river and migrant species return including chiffchaff and blackcaps.


Brimstone & orange-tip butterflies are some of the first to emerge, but hibernating species like peacocks and red admirals may be on the wing earlier if the temperatures rise enough.


Reptiles such as slowworms and grass snakes wake from hibernation on warm sunny days and may be seen basking.

At dusk bats will begin to come out from their winter roosts to feast on the newly hatched flying insects – listen carefully for their high-pitched clicks using a phone app/bat detector or watch the skies to see their silhouettes.

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