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September - November

As the daylight hours begin to drop away we see another bustle of activity as wildlife readies itself for the upcoming winter.


Hedgehogs and squirrels prepare homes to wait out the coldest days, nuthatch and jays forage and store seeds and nuts for when food is scarce.


Watch flocks of goldfinch as they fly between patches of teasel seeking out the high energy seeds from within.


Rowan, bramble and dog rose burst into berry – giving birds and small mammals a final feast.


Leaves of our deciduous trees (oak, sycamore, lime and ash) begin the slow change in colour and we see a mix of reds, orange and yellow amongst the evergreens.


An old-time favourite, horseshoe chestnut, littering the ground with its seeds (conkers) much to the delight of children and squirrels alike.


Finally, as the plants begin to die back for the year, another group begin to emerge – the fungi. Extremely various in shape and size, the ground seems to explode with them during autumn. Look out for puffballs, fly agaric, candle-snuff and jelly ear fungus. But always beware that some are extremely poisonous – if unsure best not to try it.

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