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Work to improve, enhance and protect the Nature Reserves across North Bournemouth continues daily - see our current projects below.

New Fencing at Turbary & Kinson Commons


The old post and rail fencing has come to the end of its life after 10 years, new fencing is now required. The rangers have removed the rotten posts and shortly contractors will be going in to put up new fences that will also allow the return of our rare breed cattle onto site.


Interpretation panels - Kinson Common


Learn about the importance of the two Bronze age burial barrows that sit on the heath at Kinson Common - a rare archeological find.

Expanding the grazing on the Stour


As part of our land management we utilise rare breed cattle to maintain our river-side meadows. The new grazing areas have previously been cut and collected on a yearly basis - this is so that the meadows do not become too nutrient-rich, allowing grasses to become dominant (as they are fast growing, easily out-competing all the widlflowers and other plants).


Using our existing cattle to graze these meadows gives a more natural alternative as they will reduce the grasses and give the other plants a chance to grow. Additionally the 'fertilise' as they feed - this in turn provides food sources for many insects, birds and mammals that live along the river.


The fencing, seen above, provides access to wildlife and safe breeding spots for our ground/low nesting birds.

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