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Ethan Cutler's Journey along the Stour

Posted on: 30/10/2020

It is mid- October, a day with a mixture of sunshine and showers. The autumn colours of the leaves are turning a lovely shade of burnt orange which reminds me of flames from a roaring fire. As I am walking along the river, I hear the shrill whistle of a kingfisher close by. I catch a glimpse of it darting across the water like a missile. It disappears into a nearby tree and despite its bright colours, it is so well camouflaged that it is almost impossible to see amongst the foliage. I struggle to get a decent photo as it is so well hidden. It takes me by surprise as it suddenly launches itself into the water to grab a fish, it then flies back up into the tree, this time completely hidden from view.

As I continue my walk along the river, the sun's rays shine between the trees causing them to shimmer and sparkle like a glitterball. I spotted a little egret fishing and wait patiently to get a good photo. As I am waiting, clouds start to build up over my head and the sky gradually becomes darker. The raindrops start to fall, and, as each drop hits the water, they create a reflective ripple effect across the surface.

Luckily, it was only a light rain shower and the egret, undeterred by the rain carried on fishing and then as if by magic, the sun came out from behind the clouds and shone down on it like a spotlight at the exact moment I took a photo of it catching a fish.

I really love this time of year especially with the changing palette of colours. The leaves are a vibrant shade of red, orange and gold. The season of autumn is truly spectacular and one not to be missed!

I am so lucky to have this thriving oasis of wildlife right here on my doorstep. I strongly encourage everyone to get out there and experience the healing powers of nature

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